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Junksters is a team of hard working individuals who provide responsible removal, re-purposing and recycling of broken, surplus or no longer needed business items.

Junk. Done Differently.

Businesses find it easy and environmentally friendly to partner with JUNKSTERS to re-purpose or recycle their excess equipment, supplies and other items.

Junk. Done Differently.

When individuals have unwanted household items, JUNKSTERS is ready to pick up, re-purpose or recycle in an environmentally conscious manner.

Junk. Done Differently.


During the normal course of operations, most businesses end up with items that are no longer needed;  technology equipment gets upgraded fairly regularly, product rejects, over runs, discontinued items, warehouse equipment, supplies, etc. continue to accumulate. JUNKSTERS exists to help businesses reduce unwanted, surplus or broken items from cluttering their offices, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers.


Most of us have a bit more than we really need or use on a regular basis. BBQ grills rust out, tools and sporting goods pile up, bikes and exercise equipment can start gathering dust. We can help keep your house from getting a little too full. From one item to a full truck or trailer load, JUNKSTERS is here to help – not guilt!

As an added benefit, we do our best to re-purpose, reuse or responsibly recycle your no longer wanted items. We work with several charitable organizations who can use these items, as well as find new owners who will help extend the usable life of these items.

How It Works

Get A Free Estimate

Working with JUNKSTERS is easy; we pick up as little as (1) item to a full truck load. Get your free, no obligation estimate now!

Schedule A Pickup

We are ready when you are! After you have your free estimate, choose a time that works and we will be there.


After we pick up your items, we do our best to re-purpose, reuse, or recycle the items vs. bringing directly to the landfill.

Common Items We Pick Up


  • Obsolete Inventory
  • Office Equipment & Supplies
  • Mfg. Equipment & Supplies
  • Scrap Metals
  • Tech. Equipment



  • Lawn & Garden Equipment
  • Building Supplies & Materials
  • Bikes, Toys, Sporting Goods
  • Furniture
  • Exercise Equipment


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